See how to prevent injuries, downtime, and lost production.

Take advice from Gates safety experts as they share some of their most helpful safety and preventive maintenance tips to keep you, your employees, and your operations protected.

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How To Lock Out & Tag Out

The most important first step you must take when you work on a belt drive is to make sure the power...

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Measuring Crimp OD

You know to never mix-and-match hydraulic hose, couplings, and crimpers from different...

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Belt Guard Safety

The belt guard protects you from rotating machinery, which can cause serious injury. Always...

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Safety Attire Importance

Wearing the proper safety attire is imperative—especially when working on belt drives. Play it...

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Industrial Hose Compatibility

Industrial hose transports everything from acids to ice cream. See which hose tube and cover...

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Avoid Hose Overheating

A hot hose can hurt you. If it's radiating heat, the operating temperature may be too high. Plus...

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Prevent Hose Leaks

Never check for leaks by running your hand over hose or hydraulic connections. Instead, use a...

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Beware Hose Bends

Look for opportunities to inspect and correct potential trouble spots like high heat sources, rough...

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