Safety Connections℠  Guide


If you’re looking for ways to mitigate risk on your industrial hose assemblies while maximizing performance, you’ll want to learn more about Gates Safety Connections Training Program. Download Gates Safety Connections Guide to learn how:

  • Taking proper safety precautions and identifying system weaknesses before they occur will help improve safety, uptime, production, and your bottom line
  • Using Gates STAMPED methodology allows you to quickly choose the right hose by Size, Temperature, Application, Material, Pressure, Ends, and Delivery
  • Routing your hose properly to avoid kinks, sagging, and sharp objects can keep your industrial hose assembly operating at peak performance
  • Conducting scheduled, periodic industrial hose assembly inspections can prevent hose failure, pinhole leaks, incidents, and injury

Download our Safety Connections Guide to see how preventive maintenance and safety procedures can help you maintain long-lasting industrial hose assemblies.

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