Prevent hazards, failures, and unexpected maintenance.

Leaks, bursts, and accidents due to industrial hose failures are common indicators that a company needs to make safety a priority. Why wait for an incident to happen? Whether you’re transferring food, beer, or chemicals, you know that it only takes one unexpected hose failure or incident to shut down your operation. It can also damage equipment, require unexpected maintenance and expenses, and even cause bodily harm.


With Gates Safety Connections, you’ll learn how to prevent the most common and dangerous hose failures—for free. You’ll also takeaway these safety tips:

  • Why proper hose selection ensures a long, safe product life
  • How planned inspections can eliminate costly downtime and repairs
  • Which hose assembly handling tips can deter injury and incidents
  • How your hose assembly benefits from integrated, high-quality products

At the very least, Safety Connections will help you proactively mitigate risk and improve safety and reliability across all of your industrial hose assemblies.

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