Eliminate incidents, repairs, and costly downtime.

Abuse, misapplication, and improper plumbing are the three most common causes of hydraulic hose failure. All three are dangerous and can lead to premature hose failure or blowout—especially in harsh environments like drilling, mining, construction, and manufacturing. The worst-case scenario could mean hydraulic injection, blindness, or even death to one of your employees.

That’s why Gates created Safe Hydraulics™—a free, preventive maintenance and safety training in hydraulic hose assemblies.

Our unique safety and awareness program empowers you to:

  • Reduce accidents and downtime by making safety a priority
  • Train your team in preventive maintenance for longer assembly life
  • Choose simplified hose systems to reduce assembly errors
  • Make wise product selections for longer, safer assembly life

In other words, you’ll learn how preventive maintenance and safety can pay off in huge dividends over the years, and possibly even save lives.

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